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MINDIVE interactive sculpture

rot ausgeschnitten.png
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During the examination phase, the students at universities are often stressed out, overworked and tired. You can’t take over their work, but you can create a place where they can relax for a short time while at the same time collecting their creativity and concentration. he lighting installation „MINDIVE“ is designed to give the students the opportunity to exhilarate and relax. Due to extensive research in the area of the change of consciousness by light on humans, the topic of the frequency-sequence reaction came up.Here, the brain currents can be influenced by means of acoustic and visual impulses. During a brainwave entertainment, you hear and see certain impulses. During the stimulation, the frequency of the pulses slowly changes, which also changes the brain wave patterns. This can lead to a different state, depending on the frequency. With a 7 minute duration of the installation, the sequence begins with the beta area, with the attention directed outwards. Gradually, the frequency becomes slower and transitions into the alpha range, where attention is directed inwards. Then it goes into the theta area which corresponds to theconsciousness state of the awake dream and meditation. Subsequently, the frequency becomes faster and goes again into the alpha range. Finally, you are back at the beginning in the beta area. It is about the a deep-dive into relaxation with meditative character and the reversal proces. Most mindmachines work with stroboscopic light, but many people feel uncomfortable with that. The installation „MINDIVE“ has been designed in such a way that the effect of the frequency-sequence reaction is transmitted more gently. The effect is thereby somewhat reduced and more compatible for the user.

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