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As a visual artist that works with light and colours, my goal is to enhance and widen what you think you see. My work will make you absorb, focus, feel and broaden your perspective, more elaborate than what you normally think you will. Responding to our conscious and unconscious perception, mixed with a sensory perception, I play with the feeling that perception is not only a passive copying of impressions of the senses, but also an active interpretation of the outside world.


Academic Career 

09|2018 - 07|2020

HKU University of the Arts Utrecht/Utrecht/Netherlands

Scenography (Master of arts)

01|2016 - 05|2016

semester abroad

National Institute of Design/Ahmedabad/India 

09|2013 - 07|2017 

Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe/Detmold/Germany

Interior design study (Bachlor of arts)  

Exhebitions & Events


Mantis Festival

Muntgebouw, Utrecht

as visual artist with a light installtion 

17|05|2019- 18|05|2019  

Fabrication exhibition  

de Gelderlandfabriek, Cullemborg

as scenographer


Bridcage event

Filmcafe, Utrecht

as VJ


clubqlounge online event

as visual artist

 04|09|2020- 06|05|2020  

Uncancel_2020 exhibition 

Kunskapel, Amsterdam

as visual artist  

 21|10|2020- 24|10|2020  

Make space (graduation exhibition) 

ART Utrecht/Broese 

as scenographer, exhibition designer and graphic designer   

25|09|2021- 26|09|2021  

Groot Rotterdams Atelierweekend

Hillevliet 98, Rotterdam,
as visual artist

25|03|2022- 10|07|2022  

Performance Oesters, Kaviaar en Schultenbräu

Cafe Theater Festival Rotterdam & Utrecht, Trek festival
as scenographer

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